Shopping "Down
Here is a great  view of Main Street, circa 1968,
courtesy of Darby Boomer, Tom Fountain. Observed
in this classic photo is John's Bargain Store, Darby
Millinery Shoppe and Sipler's Hardware as well as
Benett's Mens Store in the distance.

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Memories of the Christmas Eve
Blizzard                                 1966

....I remember it very well, too.
My father took me to Tucker's
Jewelers and bought me an
amethyst ring, necklace &
earrings. My first real jewels
and my first real gift from my
Dad. Not something my Mom
bought and said it was from
him. I wore them home. When
we had walked down Darby, it
wasn't too bad. On the way
home, the snow had gotten
heavier, so I put my hat on. At
some point, on the way home,
my hat knocked one of my
earrings off. The snow didn't
melt away for days. And for
days and days I walked that
stretch from Tucker's to my
house, over and over again
looking for that earring. My
father told me it was a lost
cause and someday he would
replace them. But, I was so
sad. Then one day, months
later, my Dad came home -
face beaming - and handed me
this little bent and broken,
twisted piece of metal with an
amethyst hanging off it. He had
found the earring. Here, he had
been looking for it all along, just
as I had. It was such a
touching thing for him to do. I
still have the earring and I'll
always have that memory.
Thanks for reminding me.
Donna, Darby Boomer
Darby Shoe Store Memory
I remember always going with my mom no
matter who in the family needed shoes just
so I could ride the rocking horse in the store. I
loved that horse...
Jeanne, Darby Boomer
Memories of Darby Stores

Along with the Wendy went all
of those stores in that big
buiding. There was a bar
running along the Creek side
and the ramp, going all the way
around the back. When the
show was over the side doors
burst open and tons of kids
poured out, some jumping over
the back fence to cross over the
bus bridge. Oft times, the doors
would be opened from inside to
let in friends. The movie cost
Twenty-five cents after all!

There was "Doc's Drug Store at
the other end, Cool lunch
counter, And there was a Bus
Station Terminal (interstate I
think) next to the buiding.

There was also a Shoe Store
with a machine which was
supposed to allow you to see you
foot bones using XRays. Did
they really have that? Did the
Shoe Store people all get

Topside was an Insurance
company I think. Did I miss

Joe, T., Darby Boomer
Memories of Wellworth's 5 & 10

The soda fountain! You could pop a ballon
and get a banana split for a penny up to 99
cents ..Lol !!! Was great , you could spend
the whole day shopping on Main St . And
Maxwell Drug had a soda fountain also, I
loved the choc. sodas there . My
grandmother would take us out for a day
and thats where we went . And on the
way home she would stop and get a qt. of
beer in Mcgees . We always had to push
the cart around .. Those where the days !
Cathy, Darby Boomer